The Affect brand is

welcoming • authentic • driven • inspiring

Affect is an independent, not-for-profit conference based in Portland, which brings people together and provides value focused on the intersection of design and social good.



  • Brand Positioning

  • Logo Development

Logotype & Mark

Affect’s logotype and mark were developed from custom hand lettering, making them inherently distinctive and completely unique. The weight of the type ensures that legibility will be maintained, even at small sizes.

The logotype and mark are polished yet purposely left imperfect to emphasize the handmade nature. This imperfection evokes a sense of authenticity and humanity, which is designed to attract and inspire Affect’s target audience of creatives and individuals driven toward social good.






Anatomy of the logo

The Affect logotype utlizes a script style with a strong emphasis on ligatures for the sense of connection they create. The f’s specifically seem to embrace and complete one another. This support and connection speaks to the way Affect unites dedicated, creative individuals and fosters a sense of community among them.

The logotype uses a loose baseline sloping upward and swashes that are fluid and wind-like. These create a feeling of motion and upward momentum, illustrating the inspiration and empowerment Affect brings to its attendees.

Color Palette

The Affect palette is bright, welcoming, and fun. It makes a bold statement through high saturation, and its vibrant nature hints at both the diverse community of attendees and the spirit of inspiration residing at the conference.

Turquoise acts as the key brand color while the other colors act as secondary accent colors, bringing pops of interest and meaning to the rest of the brand.



The Gradient

The Affect gradient is a subtle shift from True Blue to Turquoise to Aquamarine, sitting at a dynamic 45º angle. This gradient acts as a key brand element, signifying the fusion of individuals and ambitions at Affect. It can be used as a solid background in various contexts from the website to social media banners, and is most effective when paired with white design elements.

Digital Presence

The distinctive and iconic nature of the “A” makes it an ideal choice for the website favicon, as well as the avatar on various social media platforms.






“Given my picky nature, I wasn’t expecting the design process to be smooth. Not only did Affect end up with beautiful branding, but the development turned out to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to use the logotype everywhere!”

Elea Chang, Affect Conf